Thursday, May 24

Matt Taylor interview

Interesting 25-minute interview with Matt Taylor by Richard Keys and Andy Gray on TalkSport. Taylor is an articulate interviewee and there's some good discussion of WHU tactics and Allardyce's scientific approach. Ckick on the link to hear.


matt said...

Off topic, but it appears the club have screwed up by not spotting promises by the previous owners to cut season ticket prices for people who renewed for five consecutive years....

One to watch out for; they are offering 5% discounts over 4 seasons, instead of the 20% offered by the Icelanders. The question is, they have only released this information today, so what about those who have already renewed.

This is going to get very messy indeed.

Pete May said...

Yes, I've already bought mine online in a fit of post-final optimism. I've signed and sent the form back to the club and asked for a retrospective refund of five per cent. Can understand they can't afford 20 per cent as we're so in debt but the five per cent discount is surely deserved!