Friday, May 11

Boxing clever?

The Haye-Chisora bout takes place at Upton Park on July 14. West Ham won't have seen anything like this level of pugilism since Dicksy last got stick into a right-winger and Martin 'Mad Dog' Allen was unleashed without being fed his daily portion of Science Plan. Though whether West Ham should be giving a platform to two boxers who disgraced the sport in Germany is another matter.

The great Muhammad Ali knew how to do a bit of trash talk to promote a fight, but usually did it with great wit rather than thuggery. Chisora went way beyond that, threatening to "shoot" David Haye, having earlier slapped Vitali Klitschko's face and then spat water at his brother Wladimir. Haye's appearance at the Chisora press conference was just as stupid too. It's a hugely controversial fight that could split boxing. Promoter Frank Warren has had to draft in the Luxembourg Boxing Federation to supervise the fight and the British Board of Control is threatening to ban all involved in it. And it makes West Ham look like they'll stage any event to make a bit of dosh. Is this the image the club wants?

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