Tuesday, April 17

Right hammerings

A lot of discussion about our biggest wins after Saturday's demolition of Brighton. There was the 8-1 against Newcastle in 1986 where Alvin Martin scored a hat-trick against there different keepers, the 6-0 at home to Barnsley when Abou got two and a 6-0 against Sunderland in 1992 on live TV in division one before it became the Championship. That game was watched by just 10,326 fans, the lowest crowd at Upton Park for 30 years.

Then there's Geoff Hurst scoring six in the 8-0 defeat of Sunderland in 1968. Not to mention 10-0 against Bury in the League Cup in the early 1980s. John Lyall immediately decided to buy Bury's centre half Paul 'Diego' Hilton after that one. And if you have the video footage the commentator is an Irish bloke who keeps referring to "Tony Coatee". There, all this talk of big wins should have well and truly jinxed us for tonight's game at Bristol City...

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