Friday, February 3

The young ones

Good piece on the WHU Academy by Jamie Jackson in today's Guardian. He interviews Tony Carr who lists a number of prospects, such as Danny Potts, Robert Hall, prolific striker Elliot Lee (brother of Ollie), midfielder Mattias Fanimo and centre back Kenzer Lee. Carr reveals that Big Sam gets the youth team to play the first team every Friday, with the youngsters playing in the formation of the next opponents. That way Allardyce is constantly aware of any blossoming talent such as Pottsy.

We can now add Ravel Morrison to the list of promising youngsters. Hopefully Carr can give Big Sam some advice on how to keep talented youngsters out of trouble. A strict landlady and regular meals used to work. Perhaps he could be sent to lodge with skipper Kevin Nolan - who took Andy Carroll in at Newcastle and had his car set on fire for his trouble. Or Better still, why not send him to live with Carol from Ken's Cafe. She could sort any youngster out, particularly if Ravel was given regular duties collecting the empty tea mugs and calling out the ticket numbers.

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