Saturday, February 11

Posh romance

Breaking news… My pal Matt has taken his WAG Lisa to Peterborough anyway, despite the postponement of the WHU game. After all he's going to be at West Ham v Southampton on Valentine's night, so what could be more romantic than an early Valentine's Day trip to, erm, Peterborough. The Cathedral is stunning, apparently, though everything else is closed. This is a man who has previously taken Lisa for mini-breaks in Wigan, Bolton and Stoke, all strangely coinciding with West Ham away games. A true football romantic.


matt said...

You are forgetting Hull. And Burnley. And, er, Doncaster...And Florence (they beat Como 1-0). Not to mention taking her to see Lille v Nantes on her birthday. Best not to mention the Faroe Islands. Or that Pescara reserve match.

Pete May said...

Ah Doncaster, now that was the place to show a woman a good time... Shame you never made Scunthorpe or Grimsby!