Wednesday, February 22

Failed in Wales

Completely bizarre ticket arrangements for the Cardiff away game. The club website states: "Cardiff City will be issuing vouchers for Standard/Family Section/Family Package/Ambulant purchases which are to be exchanged for match tickets at Cardiff West Services (approx 7 miles from Cardiff City Stadium) from 11am on the morning of the game." 
This rule was imposed by Cardiff, and all for a 1pm kick-off on a Sunday. It means you have to stop at the services if you're running late and then negotiate a queue. While you can't get to the game at all without a motor and it's not very good for our carbon bootprint either. Steve McQueen would have struggled to get to this one.

1 comment:

Keefyd said...

Utter nonsense -

Seems like they are doing everythign possible to prevent the away support from coming, so that there are now "rows" between the supporters....