Wednesday, April 27

Seven points from safety?

Recent defeats for Wolves and Blackburn give us some hope. Having consulted the fixture list, Nigel-style, I'll predict that:

Wolves will get six points from Birmingham A (loss), WBA H (win), Sunderland A (loss)and Blackburn H (win) leaving them on 39 points.
Wigan will get four points from Everton H (win) Villa A (loss), West Ham H (draw) and Stoke A (loss), leaving them on 38.
Blackpool will get four points from Stoke H (draw), Spurs A (loss), Bolton H (win) and Man United A (loss), leaving them on 38.
Blackburn will get three points from Bolton H (win), West Ham A (loss), Man United H (loss) and Wolves A (loss), leaving them on 38 too.

So two wins and a draw (seven points) from our final four games would leave us on 39 points and a bottom three of Blackburn, Wigan and Blackpool (all on 38) and West Ham and Wolves one point above them. So realistically, if we lost at Man City, we have to aim for wins against Blackburn and Sunderland and a draw at Wigan.


Anonymous said...

It could well be same scenario as last year, we stay up because there are 3 teams doing us a favour. From the remaining fixtures for the bottom five clubs, I agree with who you are stating to go down, however I don't think many points are needed. Wigan to finish bottom picking 1 point up from remainign fixtures - home to us. Blackburn picking up 1 point - home to Bolton. Blackpool 3 - home to Bolton, possibly no more points. Can only see us winnign maximum of two and losing two. Us to beat Blackburn and Wigan lost the other two. Wolves to also win two both home games.

Pete May said...

Agree that Blackpool are bad enough to possibly lose all their games, although you feel Holloway might motivate them to get one more win. And Bolton losing 3-0 last night and coasting to the end of the season suggests The Tangerines might beat them.
Problem is Wolves and Wigan don't look too bad so you'd predict them to pick up a few points and Blackburn will surely win at leat one game.
So it could all rest on lucky underpants and he tea leaves in Ken's Cafe by the final match…

Adrian said...

'a bottom three of Blackburn, Wigan and Blackpool...'

I hope you are right but I fear I will be watching Wolves in The Championship next season. Good luck (although not at our expense!) for the remainder of the season.

Hope we can meet in The Clarendon and The Premier League next season.