Monday, April 18

Gift of the Gab?

Today's Sun reports that Danny Gabbidon, who came on as a sub for Manuel Da Costa against Aston Villa, tweeted to fans who were blaming him for the Villa defeat: "U know what f*** the lot of of you u will never get another tweet from me again u just don't get it do you. Bye bye."

The Sun also reports that West Ham Ladies midfielder Stacey Little tweeted in response: "Danny Gabbidon — what a p***k. I think us fans have a right 2b upset. U get paid enough. Be a man and take it!"

Hmm. She seems to care about the club at least. Maybe she could line-up in midfield for the men's side…

Gabbidon did OK for much of the game and the whole side was culpable. But he's right to give up tweeting. Every player should have been reflecting on their performance in private over the weekend and not social networking. And if they must tweet then what sort of comments do they expect?

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