Saturday, April 16

Get your writs out for the lads

We're involved in more court cases than Stanley Fletcher from Porridge. Spurs are seeking a judicial revue over Newham Council's £40m loan to West Ham while Leyton Orient want a judicial revue over a decision they claim will put them out of business. Spurs are a small cuckoo club from Arsenal. Why would Newham Council want to make a loan to a club from outside the borough? And surely West Ham's move will benefit residents of the borough in the long term?

Meanwhile Carlton's been charged by the FA over Ghanagate, which has given the rapidly deleted comment far more currency than it deserved. Listen, he's been hanging out with geezers from Essex and makes the odd comment about squatters and asylum seekers. He probably reads the Daily Mail too. Surely the FA should concentrate on something more serious? I fully support the new initiative to take the Y word away from chants about Tottenham — but this seems to be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

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