Friday, November 5

We've got Di Canio?

"Hammers line up shock move for Di Canio," reads the back page of tonight's Standard.

There's less to this than meets the eye, as in the paper's interview with David Sullivan the WHU joint chairman doesn't mention Di Canio by name, although he does say: "If Avram wants help we'll bring it in. It might be that we bring in a new striking coach to help the manager, a former player."

Which is enough for the Standard to print a picture of Paolo with its sensationalist headline. Strange.

Still, as an admirer of Mussolini Paolo would surely get the training running on time.

Although talking of Italian coaches, it's ironic that the only person who's got the best out of Carlton Cole was one Gianfranco Zola. Maybe we should offer him a job.

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