Tuesday, November 16

Grant maintained?

Karren Brady has given Avram Grant a sort of vote of confidence saying: "We haven't even had the discussion about whether Avram is going to be here or not. Weak-minded people press the panic button, but at the same time we didn't want to just survive this season."

Meanwhile Avram seems to be in denial, maintaining that in all three of our last games we've been the better side. This isn't so. We were the better side at Birmingham until they played direct football, and then they scored twice and hit the post. We created little but got some breaks against WBA with a wonder goal and penalty but then forgot to mark their centre back. While against Blackpool they missed as many chances as us and had a goal wrongly disallowed. A draw was just about a fair result, although like every Iron I'd have hoped to scrape a win.

If we're keeping Grant then we need some honesty about our performances. We haven't been unlucky all season. The truth is we can't defend, the signings of Barrera and Reid haven't as yet worked and Obinna and Cole haven't scored the goals their reputations suggest they should.

It's not bad luck: every player bar Parker and Noble needs to look at their own performances and the board needs to realise that new signings are needed in January.


Adrian Callaghan said...

I'm hoping that some of the other teams around us in the league will run out of steam soon.

Pete May said...

That slump might be happening to West Brom, although Blackpool won again.

Most likely Wolves, Wigan, WBA, Blackpool and maybe Newcastle are the best bets to be relegation candidates. But sadly if we play like we did at Anfield we'll be down by Christmas.