Thursday, November 25

Pet out: another Wally in

So Petrovic has been fired two days after the Sun piece appeared citing player unrest. It's hardly an endorsement of the man who appointed him, Avram Grant, by the Sullivan/Gold/Brady axis. You suspect that the trio can't afford to lose face by sacking Grant so are tinkering around the edges.

Petrovic's departure confirms that something is seriously wrong with the morale of the players as we could all see from the capitulation at Anfield.

Pet clearly wasn't too impressed with our players. He left with the diplomatic statement: "The Premier League is a crap league, it is nothing. In truth the level is shocking. Every team has just three good players. If you take those players out of the teams then there are only players left who would not be playing in the bottom team in Holland. The Bundesliga is far better."

Meanwhile we've appointed Wally Downes as defensive coach. The question is was he Grant's choice or the Chairman's?

Wally once took on Neil Warnock which has to be in his favour and was Steve Coppell's number two at Reading when they were in the Premiership, so he has a proven record. He and Coppell made Shorey an England international. Although is a former Wimbledon man the right man for our genteel Academy? Still, if a gal from mining stock can marry a Prince then anything is possible.

Another factor that might be in Downes' favour is that he was an original mermber of the Wimbledon Crazy Gang before they reached Division One and is apparently a bit of a joker.

Could it be that our poor banter is the reason we're bottom? If Wally can't improve things then we'll have to send for Jimmy Walker.


matt said...

You may have missed the significance of his most recent job - assistant at Southampton to Alan Pardew....

Pete May said...

Interesting link with Pards. And not likely make Avram feel any more secure…