Wednesday, February 17

Mind games

So self-effacing David Sullivan has claimed the credit for the win against Birmingham claiming that his press outburst about cutting wages was "the last resort. I had to say something to galvanise people into action because our results and displays just hadn't been good enough… If it was so the players could stick two fingers up at me on behalf of the manager then great. At least we keep on winning… laying things on the line is a tactic I've used before at Birmingham."

Meanwhile we monopolised last Friday's Sun witn a a full-page Karren Brady column and a feature by Steven Howard blaming Curbs for the crisis, citing five "Curbs calamities" — Ljungberg, Dyer, Boa Morte, Quashie and Davenport. Howard also asks, not unreasonably: "Surely it was Curbishley's first duty to tell the greenhorns running the club that they were being taken for a ride? That the transfer fees and salaries were a joke?"

Strangely we've had five days off the back pages since then… some kind of record since Sullivan and Gold stepped in.

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