Wednesday, December 16

Just relegation for the claret and blue?

Bolton 3 West Ham 1

Oh dear, it's getting like the Pardew/Curbishley era when we were losing 4-0 at Charlton and you didn't even want to hear the results of games. Leaving my daughter Lola's school concert (one instrumental version of Walking in a Cottee Wonderland but no Bubbles) there's a text waiting and I daren't look. Later I discover it's from Nigel reading "We're dead."

Looking at the goals on Sky Sports News, the first is a one-two where Faubert isn't aware enough to close down Lee. Further proof he's not a natural defender. Our equaliser is well worked, Franco in to Collison and a fine top of the net finish from Diamanti. That was the big plus of the night and Diamanti might go on a scoring run now. And look at the passion on his face when he scored. That's something the rest of the side, apart from Parker, seem to lack.

But late on Green fumbles a simple catch into the path of Klasnic and it's all over. At least that should keep Chelsea away. On 87 minutes Cahill easily outjumps our defence to head home the sort of goal relegation sides concede. To top it all Dyer goes off after 21 minutes. Sadly for Kieron, you can't ever see him being the player he was, and we can't place our hopes on someone with his injury record.

We're second from bottom and looking doomed unless a buyer arrives. Although this being West Ham we'll probably go and beat Chelsea now.

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Pete May said...

Big Joe Comments:

Had the misfortune of being taken into the the local Con's club last night - what made it even worse was they'd a dodgy feed into the Italian Sky Sports channel which was carrying events from the Reebok.
A real car crash of a game - we have little in midfield, less in attack, absolutely nothing in defence and no points from the last
three games.
on last night's evidence I think we're fucked - there are turkeys out there thanking their good fortune they don't follow West Ham at the moment.