Monday, January 19

Who needs Craig Bellamy?

So Craig Bellamy has walked out on West Ham after his first decent run of form for us. Showing no respect for a club that has just offered him a new contract and turned down three bids to keep him or the fans who have cheered him all over the country. He’s “not in the right frame of mind” to play against Fulham. The same club that paid his massive wages when he was out for nearly all of last season and whose medical staff have nursed him back to fitness. Bellers prefers either Spurs or City, clubs that are below us in the league.

Bellamy is a good player but he's also 29, injury and booking prone and has played just 24 league games for the Hammers. After one season at a top four club he was moved on. We’ve refused to do business with Tottenham, Bellamy’s first choice, on the sound business grounds that we hate them, and if we get £14 million from Man City then that’s a good deal. We’ve doubled our money in one and a half seasons.

Bellamy is ridiculed by the fans of most teams he’s played for and now we know why. Let’s hope he has a row with Kaka, gets out the putter, and is soon shipped off to Oldham.


matt said...

This could be a good deal for us - but ONLY if we spend some of the money on a proven forward with pace. Otherwise we will struggle for goals. Meanwhile Bellamy can expect the warmest of welcomes on St David's Day...

And another thing, I do think it's wrong for us to slaughter players who want to leave (Ince, Defoe, Bellamy etc) but also slaughter players who don't want to leave (ie Boa Morte).

Pete May said...

I don't think anyone has a problem with a player who genuinely wants to stay at the club. The problem is if the perception is that they are just staying to take WHU's high wages (remember Harry's bunch of freeloaders?). If Boa simply doesn't feel Hull is right for him then I guess we should get behind him. Although the fact we were willing to sell him has given him a clear hint he's not wanted and he could have helped the club get some money. Be interesting what he decides if he gets another offer. But we should get behind him on the pitch until he does leave.