Tuesday, January 27

Savio the saviour?

We've signed striker Savio Nsereko for a reported club record of £9 million. This is good news in that it shows that we are not conducting a fire-sale. Although rather worryingly Alan Curbishley was on Setanta last night and the presenter James Richardson claimed that Curbs had earlier pointed out that "you could buy the entire Brescia team for £9 million". Curbs also seemed to doubt that it rally was a record WHU fee. £9 million does seem a lot for a Serie B player. Nani has good links with Brescia and you wonder if he could have beaten the price down with more negotiating. Is this a sign of Zola's naivety in the transfer market?

Still, the proof will be on the pitch when we discover if Savio's fit to lace Carlton Cole's boots. He's a good age at 19 and as far as we know the only Ugandan/German to play for West Ham. "He comes from Kampala, he's better than Kaka!"


Mo said...

"...he's better than Ray Parlour"?

matt said...

I don't think it is £9 million upfront, that would include various extra payments for appearances, helping us win the Champions League etc. And I doubt Mister Zola had any part to play in negotiating the transfer fee, as that would be left to Scott Duxbury, so it seems unfair to accuse him of naivety. Nani has provided Behrami and Ilunga so far, so he has a pretty good track record.

Pete May said...

Yes, I suppose it is Nani who did the deal not Zola, although presumably he has the final say. If we've got a decent initial deal and the £9 million is all depending on add-ons then he's worth a punt. And he speaks three languages so should soon learn the language of Banter as well.
Like the song "He comes from Kampala, he's better than Ray Parlor!" It could catch on.