Thursday, July 20

What is West Ham's strongest side?

With three new signings (and possibly a new striker in Javier Hernandez) it's interesting to speculate on just what will be the first choice West Ham X1. It would probably be something like this: 

Hart; Zabaleta, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell;  Kouyate, Obiang, Lanzini; Antonio, Carroll (or a new striker), Arnautovic. 

While the subs would come from the likes of Fonte, Collins, Noble, Ayew, Snodgrass, Feghouli, Fernandes, Sakho, Byram and Masuaku. Though Fonte or Ginge could also come into the side to make a back five. It certainly looks a lot stronger than last season's line-up. Any views on this? Though this is all hypothetical as as I'm sure the obligatory WHU injury-crisis will soon hit…


Rob said...

I'd agree, Pete. Already it strikes me that we'll have a lot more depth than last season. We shouldn't need to play players out of their favoured position which we did so often last time round and cost us a lot of points.

Other than the new faces, it will be interesting to see how Masuaku and Fernandes get on this term after showing a lot of promise last time round. If he continues his form from the last few games of the season, Masuaku should surely be starting at LB.

Pete May said...

Yes, Masuaku looks a good player to me, though Cresswell still my number one. And looks like a straight fight between Noble and Obiang if Kouyate gets other central midfield shot. Guess Fernandes wil get games if any of midfield trio are injured.