Saturday, April 1

Highway to Hull

Hull City 2 West Ham 1

This is getting serious. Bloody Hull. Another poor defeat and the fourth in a row. Having taken the lead through Carroll's chest control and smart finish there's not much excuse for the second half capitulation. This team just don't seem able to hold a lead and the rest of the side couldn't match the contribution of Carroll, captain for the day. 

Kouyate mainly and possibly Byram seem to be getting the blame for the abysmal marking for Hull's late winner. Hammers had their chances. Lanzini was unlucky with a shot palmed away and Snodgrass and Carroll both had headed chances go straight to the keeper. Though Hull also hit the post and the West Ham defence was slow to react to a fine move allowed Robertson to run through the middle to equalise. 

We need Antonio back and the team to take some responsibility, starting on Wednesday at the Emirates. Just six points ahead of Hull in the bottom three now with eight games left. It's getting scary again…


Rob Graham said...

It's all classic West Ham and the media are loving it, somehow we were meant to suffer, maybe for bottling the Man U coach last season!
Quite a few players well below their best on the team and confidence is fragile.
Andy took the goal well and lasted 90 mins but there wasn't much after that.

mj said...

Ahh the good old west ham way! Yet another relegation fight! Who needs boring big Sam and safety

Pete May said...

We'll probably leave it to the last game to survive… end of season slump is very much the West Ham way.