Friday, April 28

Antonio to go?

Rather a worrying piece in the Times today saying that Michail Antonio is refusing to sign his new contract and wants to join Chelsea. The Times claims that he's unhappy to be receiving less than new signings Fonte and Snodgrass and is also not happy with the board or the way his hamstring injury has been treated. 

This could all be a ruse to get his wages upped of course, but it's clear on this season's performances that we need to pay top wages to keep Antonio. And if he is unhappy with being rushed back too soon after injury then the club need to look at upgrading their medical team, as many of us have suggested. The other argument Slaven should be using is that he won't be a regular in the Chelsea side. 

Losing Antonio as well as Payet really would start to look like the break-up of the side that finished events last season.

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