Monday, March 6

Snoddy available after baby seat-gate

Robert Snodgrass is available to play against Chelsea after baby seat-gate. He's not been arrested after a police warrant was issued, but is required to attend another court hearing in Glasgow. He told the Sun: "It was just a misunderstanding. I didn't realise I had to be present in court. It's not a big issue and will be resolved in due course."
Meanwhile there's been much press coverage of the likelihood of a repeat of the trouble against Chelsea in the League cup tie and you do wish the papers would be more accurate. The Guardian reports there was "fighting" against Chelsea, which isn't strictly true. There was bad behaviour, posturing and missile throwing, but it seems to have been forgotten that the security line did hold. There's been no trouble in the nine home games since and hopefully the bigger gaps, adapted exits, better stewarding and larger police presence will work tonight.

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