Saturday, March 11

I just don't think he understands

Dimitri Payet will have even fewer friends in East London after his latest statement to L'Equipe. He seems to be blaming his departure on West Ham's defensive formation, telling the paper that his career was going backwards: “I had no desire to play in the lower reaches of the Premier League. The defensive system that we put in place did not give me any pleasure. With a 5-4-1 in front of our box, I could have had all the freedom in the world, so it’s difficult for me to explain. You could say that I was pissed off, yes. I worked hard in every game without taking any pleasure. You could say I was bored."

Which rather ignores the fact that the club did so well playing with only one striker last season. There was plenty of attacking intent earlier this season, it was just undermined by the lack of an in-form striker and the stadium change. Not to mention that his relationship with the fans was like "a love affair." Nor does he take any responsibility for his own performances dropping off. You could understand Payet wanting to play for an elite club, but there is no excuse for striking or telling us he's bored on £120,000 a week. Let's hope he keeps quiet for the rest of the season. 


Anonymous said...

And he should remember he was an unknown when he joined us.

Pete May said...

Yeo, we got him into the France Euro team….