Saturday, October 15

Was Slaven too honest with Tomkins?

Slaven Bilic writes about the sale of James Tomkins in his Evening Standard column and if anything it seems that Super Slav was too honest with Tomka. He should surely have reassured him that he was vital to his plans and would play at least 30 games a season. Instead Bilic writes: "He wasn't a whole season regular in the team, though. I want to say that he never made any problems but we had a few talks and I couldn't guarantee he would play week in and week out." 

Had we held Tomkins to his contract he wasn't the sort to create problems, so it's just a shame Slaven wasn't a little more disingenuous. His honesty was admirable, but sometimes you have to do everything you can to keep a player and as Slaven himself writes of Tomkins, "he didn't really want to go." I just hope we're not haunted by the sale of Tomkins come May. 

But having said that, Reid, Ogbonna, Collins and Oxford should be good enough centre backs if they can find anything like their best form and perhaps the return of Cresswell and recall of Obiang will restore some much-needed stability to the back four.

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