Tuesday, October 11

Calleri deal and Tore out

There's a long piece about the loan of Jonathan Calleri to West Ham in today's Guardian. It seems that the team WHU signed Calleri from, Deportivo Maldonado, is a tiny club in Uruguay that plays before 300 fans, but buys big name players and then loans them out. Calleri never played for Maldonado, being quickly loaned out to Sao Paulo. Maldonado is owned by unknown foreign investors and it's all very complicated, but you can read the full article via the link.

Meanwhile Gokhan Tore has injured his thigh and is out for five weeks. West Ham have spent a lot of money on loan fees this season; a reported £4 million on Calleri, £2.5 million for Tore and £5 million for Zaza. They are all foreign players new to the PL who will take time to adapt, but at the moment it's looking like £11.5 million has been squandered on three players we may not sign permanently.

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