Friday, May 6

Farewell Boleyn video

Great video on West Ham leaving the Boleyn produced by the Guardian today. Includes interviews with many people involved in match days, such as Nathan's pies and eels, Gary Firmager of OLAS, the nuns who can see the ground from their window, the two for one sweets man and the Stevie Bacon burger stall. The video certainly gets over the feeling that a little more of the Premier League millions should have been spent on ensuring local traders can transfer to Stratford. It also includes Ronnie Boyce and former ICF man Bill Gardner, who has some great quotes about his troubled past sleeping in a graveyard in Aldgate East and a nice line in humour: "I've got it in my will that my ashes will be scattered on the pitch. But now they've sold it, I'll probably be in the mango aisle in Safeways." Click on the link to view.

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