Friday, January 29

The world wakes up to Dimitri

A little worrying that Match of the Day is starting to wake up to the skills of Dimitri Payet and the Evening Standard's Patrick Barclay has suggested he should be in the running for the Footballer of the Year trophy. We don't want to alert the world's elite clubs to just how good he is. I'm still trying to work out what he did when beating three defenders at Bournemouth to create Valencia's goal, which looked like a back-heeled nutmeg. 

But the problem is the Champions League clubs must also be looking at Dimitri enviously. He would certainly improve Man United or Liverpool and would fit into the Arsenal and Man City teams easily enough, as well as most of Europe's elite sides. Thankfully Slaven Bilic has said that "no money in the world" would tempt West Ham to sell Payet and Sullivan and Gold must realise that we have to hold on to him at all costs. We also have the lure of the Olympic Stadium to keep Payet at the club and the possibility of European football. And he seems genuinely moved by the love of the fans; there surely isn't another club that would give him his own song to the tune of Achy Breaky Heart.

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