Tuesday, January 26

Jenkinson out for season

Bad news is that Carl Jenkinson is out for the season following his injury against Manchester City. The Daily Mirror says it's his cruciate ligament. Jenks has now returned to Arsenal. A real shame, as although he's not been as impressive as last season, he's always given it everything and has scored twice this season. Just as well West Ham have signed Sam Byram and have James Tomkins ready to fit in at right-back too. And there's always Joey O'Brien although he seems to have been out for ages too. Let's wish Carl a full recovery from a devastating injury.

Meanwhile the Evening Standard reveals that Alex Song removed his Edgar Davids-stytle protective glasses because he couldn't see well enough in them against Man City. He certainly had a great game without them. Song has had an "eye problem" and has been told by doctors to guard against infection by wearing the specs.

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