Tuesday, October 13

Megadeth with Slav and Dicksy

Good interview with Julian Dicks in the Daily Mirror. Writer Anthony Clavane has coaxed some great material out of Dicksy, including this quote about his relationship with Slaven Bilic when they played together: “We both used to smoke and drink and we both liked heavy metal music. We were good room-mates. We just hit it off from day one."

Julian also reveals that Slav has got the pair tickets for a forthcoming Megadeth concert and that the secret of West Ham's 3-0 win at Anfield was Bilic playing the lads some Megadeath songs before kick-off: “It seemed to lift the mood of the dressing room," reveals Dicksy.

As for his role at the club, Dicks says: "The gaffer knows what he will get from me. He can ask me any single question he wants and he knows I will tell him the truth.” Click on the link to read the complete interview. It's good to have you back Julian.

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Anonymous said...

It took a long time to get Julian back where he belongs-Upton park.The moment we signed Slav,i thought Dicksys coming home-great move Slav.