Friday, October 30

Don't mention the league!

West Ham fans are traditionally wary of jinxes. As my pal Nick said after the Chelsea game: "So long as Andy Carroll doesn't start saying we'll finish in the top four, we have grounds for optimism." As you might recall, as soon as Andy said we wanted to win the league last season, West Ham started to slump. Andy's kept quiet this season but it's a little worrying that co-chairman David Sullivan has been on West Ham TV daring to dream and saying, "Us or maybe Leicester could break into the top four this year… I know it's unlikely but it is possible." As we all know in the East Stand, never check the league table until the final whistle and always wear your lucky shirt. The official line of Hammers in the Heart, lest it jinxes us, is that while feeling privately optimistic, we still need another 20 points to stay up. 


supernumbersix said...

Why do we always tempt fate like this? A run of good results (ok, granted this time excellent results) and someone bangs on about top four, champions League, cup and league doubles (FFS !!) and often without fail, down down (said the quo) we go.
Why can we not quietly go on about our business by continuing with our good form and not tempt the West ham xmas jinx for once. We can then have a big, BIG party at the end of the season - all being well - to celebrate one of the aforementioned.
I don't mind dreaming but I do mind watching it fade and die...

Pete May said...

Quite agree - you can't be a West Ham fan without being a bit of a pessimist so let's not tempt fate and keep quiet until there's one game to go…Slaven too has been saying we might make the top four. Good to be ambitious but don't tell the world please!