Monday, August 10

We're gonna win the league!

Arsenal 0 West Ham 2

Managed to watch the game at the Churchill Inn in Ambleside while on holiday in the Lake District. What a result! My companion was WHU border terrier Vulcan who is now officially West Ham's lucky dog even if he did watch from under the table. A fantastic performance from Reece Oxford on his PL debut screening the back four. Payet looked really classy and Ogbonna and Reid and latterly Tomkins were immense at the back, It helped that Cech appeared to be a double agent for Jose with Kouyate and Zarate's goals, but it was still a magnificent performance.

After last season I was convinced we'd blow it at the end but even with Jarvis, Nolan and Maiga on we still played out time comfortably. Managed to send a celebratory text to my daughter Lola who is on holiday with an Arsenal family in Cyprus and being threatened with being thrown in the pool. Don't worry Gunners fans - I'm sure you'll still stay up. Matt, Lisa, Fraser and Michael watched at the Hole In The Wall and kept in touch via disbelieving texts while Nigel says we just need another 37 points.

Celebrated with a chocolate cigar from one of Ambleside's many chocolate shops and a circular walk to High Sweden Bridge followed by a pint of Hartley's XB. Who needs the Europa League? Never in doubt. Come on you  Irons!

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