Tuesday, July 28

Olympic Stadium preview at the athletics

A pal of mine went to the athletics at the Olympic Stadium at the weekend and said the atmosphere was good and noisy. Though someone else who went said their bit of the roof leaked! Strange as the two geezers in the white van who installed it said it would be strictly showerproof… Hopefully any such glitches will be eradicated by the time we move in. There's also an encouraging piece on the WHU website by Sean Whetstone who writes for the West Ham Till I Die blog, and he is very excited by the stadium atmosphere having sampled the athletics. We've got our category B appointments at the Reservation Centre next week so let's see how that goes… but exciting to be finally getting a seat.


george harman said...

The Olympic Stadium - Sunday 26th July 2015.


george harman said...

This is a video of my trip to the Olympic Stadium on Sunday 26th July 2015.

Pete May said...

Cheers, looks impressive - and a great soundtrack!