Sunday, July 19

Oh Carroll!

Latest reports suggest that Andy Carroll won't be fit until October. It seems like his knee injury requires more rehabilitation than was thought (earlier reports suggested he'd be back by September). The club also plan to put him through his own 'pre-season', which will require several weeks of easing-in to full fitness. A cautious approach seems to make sense with our delicate striker. 

One thing that everyone in my East Stand constituency agrees upon is that Andy should not be forced to play two games in a week this season. His injury last season came after playing in the 1-1 draw with Man United at the weekend and then Southampton on the Wednesday (where he played on with an injury to prevent us going down to nine men). So with only Sakho, Valencia (who's more of a wide player) and Maiga up front we surely need another signing. Although we could give the replica Angel of the North sculpture in Andy's garden an outing, as it looks pretty injury-proof.


jaybs said...

Wonder why David Gold announced with his usual twitter joy the return of Carroll early September for the Newcastle match, then days later The Telegraph say a delay of a further month?

I would love to work out with his salary and signing fee what Carroll has cost our great club since he signed? and what each goal cost as a top scorer he was once! - whoever agreed both the fee & salary has a lot to answer for after his injury record was known?

There is no doubt there are some loyal to Carroll they like his bluster and his old style of forward/striker he is, but since his days at Newcastle he has never really delivered. Now we as club could be in the position he has little but we have committed ourselves to this stupid salary. Andy has never really carried himself both on the pitch and off, I do not like how clumsy looking he is, and how he can spend as much time sat down on the grass then running, then his complete obsession for being constantly being in the media, most of the time when not fit to play for West Ham, kindly showing fans what a great life of luxury he has for most of the time doing nothing for West Ham, how badly advised & the actions of a young fool.

Pete May said...

Yes, the Gold tweets were much more optimistic. AC's a good player when fit and sometimes unplayable, but as you say he hasn't been value for money because of his injuries. His style seems to invite injury, so he has to learn when not to make challenges. But our only option now is to get him fit and finally get a full-ish season out of him. Yes, the twitter posts when he's injured do tend to wind people up - best keep quiet until he's doing it on the pitch again.