Saturday, January 18

Even the man from Del Monte said no to West Ham…

Typical. Now it looks certain that Lacina Traore is going to sign on loan for Everton, with the Toffees having hi-jacked the deal West Ham had been chasing for weeks. A personal appeal by Sam Allardyce at Traore's work permit hearing meant the permit was granted - then the ungrateful so and so decided on Everton. Might not be that big a loss though as the club were also concerned that Traore had a hamstring injury. Two possible cash targets Jelavic and Shane Long have now moved to Hull, and strikers are looking very hard to come by.


teddybard said...

Dont worry about Sam's signings

with hs record I doubt he could even sign his own P45.

(Or resign come to that)

it's going to cost us relegation
or a reported 4m to get rid of him

even Spuds must be laughing
best stadium in 1st Division

Pete May said...

Looking dire if we miss out again - relying on a not yet match-fit Carroll and Cole with no back-up save Maiga. Desperately need a goalscorer