Monday, December 16

Drawing drawing West Ham…

West Ham 0 Sunderland 0

For some strange reason Her Indoors has suggested we go to Brussels for our wedding anniversary mini-break rather than watch another six-pointer versus Sunderland at Upton Park. Though in between visits to the Grand Place, the Burleymont and the frites stand at Place Jourdan I do manage to find BBC’s Final Score on the hotel TV and receive various updates from Blighty.

At half-time Matt texts: “Abysmal first half. Utterly shite refereeing and they hit the bar. We had one disallowed and one off the line.” Things haven’t improved by full time. Nigel comments: “Really really poor, am worried Big Sam has lost the dressing room. Sunderland had much more fighting spirit. Their keeper’s only save in second half was from mishit McCartney cross. The worst thing was that Sunderland constantly seemed to have an extra player on the pitch.” Matt declares: “And the second half was even worse. We’re worse than under Avram. In more shocks you had to pay to get into the Central back room.” While DC adds: “It was truly awful. Next three games could be truly embarrassing.”

Hmm. Doesn’t sound like a very satisfying afternoon at the office, though at least Fulham and Palace have lost. We have now had five nil-nils, more goalless draws than in the whole of the Bundesliga this season. I am shocked and surprised to discover there is bad finishing on the Upton Park premises. The next day we visit the Magritte Museum which is even more surreal than West Ham, where the spirit of Rene Magritte suggests WHU need some more blue sky thinking and to play a man with a bowler hat and pipe up front as he might be more prolific than Maiga.

The only consolation is we have crisis club Spurs coming up next in the Capital One Cup…

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matt said...

The best thing about this game was the Slayer Christmas jersey a few rows in front of us. The second best thing was the final whistle.