Tuesday, July 9

What a Corker

Got a text from Mike O'Brien who was in Cork for our 6-2 win, though he missed the first 15 minutes, presumably while having a medicinal Guinness. This is a man who's seen the Hammers play in China, so Cork must seem like an easy jaunt. Interesting to see that Diarra is still with us and scored. Surely we can use an experienced French international in our side somewhere, particularly now O'Neil has gone? Ravel Morrison also played and scored, and having toughened up at Birmingham you hope this might be the season he makes a Premier League breakthrough. Sam gave virtually everyone a run-out and Titus Bramble, Rat and Adrian all got half a game too. Nobes missed a penalty but later scored one and apparently plenty of Hammers fans in the crowd. While Morrissey scored for Cork, though you'd have thought he was a bit old for football these days.

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