Thursday, July 25

Hamburger stuffed

Good win at Hamburger SV this week and credit to Mystic Matt, Lisa and Mike for getting there. Matt says his trip made the Highway to Hull look like two stops on the District line. The game wasn't actually played at Hamburg but at Flensburg (a bit like WHU playing in Walsall), While the ground appears to be in a forest looking at the pictures of the game.

Matt reports that nearly every HSV fan wore a Van der Vaart replica shirt and he enjoyed pre-match drinking in 30C at the Beach Club. First-half goals from Diarra and Tomkins (both from corners) and a penalty from Ravel Morrison ensured an impressive win. He texts that SV had most of the ball in the second half but Jarvis hot the post and "Big Sam not looking good in shorts". I'd rather not think about that…


matt said...

One other point worth making was how well Stephen Henderson played. I had assumed that the signing of Adrian meant he had no future at West Ham, but he made at least five very good saves, helping us to win a game we could easily have drawn or lost (their No. 11 skied two sitters as well).

Also, the first Hammers game I've been to where the fans were not segregated, ever, probably. Mind, there were a lot of police in full riot gear present.

Pete May said...

So we could have three decent goalkeepers. Henderson has played a lot in the Championship now so can't be that bad.