Tuesday, October 11

Where's our stadium gone?

Extraordinary news on the radio this morning. The deal for West Ham to own the Olympic Stadium has collapsed. The Olympic Park Legacy Company has scrapped the deal in the face of legal challenges from those litigious gits at Tottenham, Leyton Orient and a mystery Spurs or Millwall supporter who has complained to the European Commission. With all these legal challenges, seems it's unlikely a decision would be made by 2014.

So what has been the point of the last two years of negotiations? And how much money has been wasted on all this?

A new tendering process is to begin for a club to lease the stadium at £2 million a year. Security of tenure here would be the key. It would be a worrying situation indeed to sell the Boleyn Stadium and end up as renters. Though saving on the running costs might be beneficial for a club that's around £70 million in debt.

One interesting option is that as Spurs have said they won't play in a ground with a running track, we could call the bluff of the Legacy Company and  simply stay at Upton Park. That way they'd be left with a 60,000 seater athletics stadium that they would struggle to give away.

It's all about as transparent as Liam's Fox's trips abroad with his best mate. And how have Spurs been allowed to interfere in a part of London that their supporters don't want to move to? Baffling. It's tempting to do a Manu Tuilagi and jump in the River Lea.

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