Saturday, October 22

Are we playing long ball?

Interesting debate on LBC after the Southampton defeat, with Clive Walker and a couple of callers claiming we're playing the long-ball game.

I've been trying to look at the games objectively and not label our game long ball simply because it's Allardyce. Yes, we've lumped some long balls towards Cole and Carew, as indeed we did under Avram, but I've also seen plenty of short passing too.

Think it's more a case of just playing badly in some games such as Peterborough, Ipswich and  Southampton away, rather than a complete change in our game. Though scoring from set pieces is one Allardyce trait I'm very happy to see.

Anyone have any views on this?

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Deane said...

Went to the game at Southampton and it looked like we were scared the ball would pop if it touched the green stuff