Wednesday, March 9

Writ hits the fan

They're just a small club in Arsenal. Spurs are still thinking of suing over the decision to award the Olympic Stadium to WHU claims today's Guardian. Along with Leyton Orient, where Barry Hearn is angling for enough compensation to build a new ground. Daniel Levy is poring over statements by Seb Coe and Boris Johnson and probably about to claim that they looked at him in a funny manner, M'Lud.

Surely a sensible judge will decide that the only appropriate solution is to give Orient the new ground they deserve at White Hart Lane and award Spurs the East London home they crave at Brisbane Road. Sorted.

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Matt said...

Talking of legal matters, there's a delicious irony in Neil Warnock's current club QPR being threatened with fines and and points deductions over the siging of Argentinian Alejandro Faurlin - because of Tevez-style third party ownership shenanigans. Given his role in the Sheffield United witch hunt that almost bankrupted us, I hope other Championship clubs sue them to within an inch of their life...