Wednesday, March 16

Dyer straights

Interesting interview with Kieron Dyer in yesterday's Guardian. Now he's at Ipswich on a month's loan he appears frustrated with our club doctors:

"I've been wrongly diagnosed with a lot of my injuries," he says. "I was out for a whole season with a hamstring injury but then I go to see a certain specialist and he says it's because I have a 10-centimetre piece of scar tissue. Who's to blame for that? A thigh injury has kept me out for most of this season but then they found out I needed an injection and I haven't felt my thigh since."

Seems a little like buck-passing to me as surely our medical team improved under Nani and would have tried everything possible to get a return on a player who's cost us millions? Or are they not as good as we think?


matt said...

As I put on your blog yesterday: Interview with Kieron Dyer in the Guardian today in which he sheds light on some of the shocking medical treatment he has suffered at WHU since his original leg break - confiming all my suspicions. He also says he wants to reward us, the fans, by scoring the goal that saves us from relegation....

15 March 2011 15:03

Pete May said...

I'm not holding my breath!