Friday, December 3

Reasons to be cheerful?

Well, now that the euphoria has died down a little what can we take from Tuesday night apart from the fact that Fergie in a red hat looks like a garden gnome?

1. Spector could be a decent midfielder. He looked a completely different player in the Lionel Messi role...

2. Obinna is erratic but on his day can cause trouble to top defences. He has huge potential. And perhaps he's a creator as much as a scorer.

3. Ben Haim, though chronically right-footed, might be a good alternative to Gabbidon or Ilunga at left back.

4. Carlton Cole can still be a decent striker when he's in the mood. But he needs either a cuddle from the likes of Zola or a Tony Pulis-type on his case every game.

5. Wally Downes seems to have made a difference to the defence - and particularly Upson - by a) shouting and b) simply telling them if in doubt boot it into Row Z. Note also Tomkins's fine intervention to save a goal from the rebound after Obertan hit a post.

6. Even Kovac dovetailed quite well alongside Specs.

7. We'll probably get thrashed at Sunderland now...

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