Wednesday, August 18

Hand of pod

BTW if anyone wants great West Ham podcasts featuring the likes of Phill Jupitus and Ray Winstone then try Stop! Hammer Time, available on iTunes. Here's their latest request to Irons fans:

In return for delivering another season of FREE, quality Hammer-shaped entertainment, we need your help in two areas, particularly if you want to hear the likes of Winstone, Jupitus, Akabusi and Frost returning this season.

1. Please invite some friends to this group. 847 members is embarrassing! We're the most popular WHU podcast in the World and a we're Premier League club for gawd's sake!! This is a team effort. Let's have at least 1,000 members by the end of the week, eh?! EVERYONE, invite 2 new members!

2. If you use iTunes, click SUBSCRIBE again to make sure that your subscription is registered with Apple, or Sp**s will likely lead us in the podcast chart on iTunes and that's just unacceptable. If you're really feeling gung-ho, use the Tell-A-Friend button smartly by sending an invite to yourself that you can forward to your friends by email more easily!

2.a. Or post all the WHU Facebook groups you're on with; and tell them what they're missing!


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