Monday, June 7

Der Hammer

Thomas Hitzlsperger from Stuttgart (is he our only German?) is WHU's first new recruit of the summer. An interesting signing, as he's had five seasons at Aston Villa and has always impressed with his long-range shooting, hence his nickname of 'The Hammer'.

One area we've been desperately short in is goals from midfield, with seemingly endless one-twos and players trying to walk the ball into the net. He's picked up a championship medal at Stuttgart and is still only 28. It might cost a bit to get his name on a replica shirt though.

And enjoyed this from the website: "It is destiny," he told with a smile. "I knew that West Ham were called The Hammers and it has actually always been on my mind whether I would play for the club one day. I am really pleased to be a Hammer."

At least he stopped short of saying he grew up supporting the Der Hammers!

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