Monday, June 14

Calamity Green

Just when a West Ham player emerges on the World stage catastrophe happens. Poor old Robert Green. My initial image was of David Sullivan cursing in his Chigwell jacuzzi as six million quid was wiped off his keeper's value.

Soon the texts were arriving. As Matt wrote: "Good shot that would have beaten any keeper — even Allen McKnightmare." DC simply texted an existentialist wail of "Rob Green!" while my Arsenal supporting sister-in-law waded in with "Wot a bunch of useless football players wot a goaly!" and a Spurs fan commented "Typical West Ham player".

Does no one realise poor Rob has been psychologically damaged by playing a season behind a defence that that has more leaks than a BP deep sea oil well? It must take him half a game to realise he's actually got John Terry in front of him and not Jonathan Spector or out of position French novelist Gustav Faubert. I still maintain Green, bouyed by his second half save from Altidore, will go on to make the crucial penalty shoot-out save in the Final.

And the other good news for us West Ham fans is that at least no-one will try to buy him now.


matt said...

I blame those sneaky Americans for refusing to play Spector at leftback, which would have allowed Lennon to humiliate him as he did twice last season.

But we need some perspective, we haven't played well in a World Cup opener since 1982, we didn't lose, we will win the next two games and hopefully top the group, and I wouldn't be astonished if Green doesn't stay in the team. he won't do that again, and did pull off a very good save in the second half.

Pete May said...

Good point, well made. As we're likely to win the next two games I can't see any reason not to keep playing Green and help restore his confidence.
Surely a case for Upson too as at least he's fit, unlike King, and quicker than Carragher.

John Silk said...

Hi Pete

Enjoy your piece but unfortunately, post Algeria debacle, it is looking worse still.

Take a look at my World Cup posts at

I am off to South Africa next week but, sadly, England may be flying home as I arrive.

Matt said...

Upson played really well today - surely he will stay in the team now.

Pete May said...

Just done an entry on Matty. He and Terry work together well... he looked relieved to have Ashley Cole rather than Spector alongside him.