Thursday, July 23

George Davis (and West Ham) is innocent, OK?

Buried among the Ashes heroics and some old geezer almost winning the Open, was the news that the latest Premier League and FA inquiry into the Tevez affair has found us innocent of any further wrongdoing.

Referring to Tevez's last three games for West Ham, a statement read: "The inquiry has concluded that, on the basis of the evidence available to them, there is no prima facie case that West Ham United and/or its officials did commit any further breaches of Premier League or FA rules immediately after the independent disciplinary commission's decision."

So does this mean Sheffield United will give us our money back?

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matt said...

It just proves the Griffiths verdict was a complete fiasco, that has cost us £30 million we don't have....

And releasing the verdict at 6pm on a Friday (particularly that Friday) was a very good time to bury good news