Tuesday, March 17

Whingeing whingeing Warnock

No end to the Tevezgate saga then. The papers put the figure we're paying at variously £15 million and £20 million plus a £5 million bond if we get a new owner, spread over five years, rather than the one-off payment the tribunal might have insisted on.

And now Neil Warnock is mouthing off in the Daily Mail saying he'll sue Hammers for £500,000. While all the Sheffield players might also be claiming for £500,000 each too.

Warnock says of the Premier League boss Richard Scudamore: "Scudamore's a disgrace. I'd love to get him in a room on my own for an hour." And I guess a lot of West Ham fans would like to get Neil Warnock in a room on his own for an hour too.

You've got your money you whingeing windbag Warnock and you lost to Wigan on the final game, nothing to do with Carlos Tevez. Then you resigned and went to work for Robbie Savage lookalike Simon Jordan. Life's unfair. Get over it.

Hopefully if all these legal shenanigans continue we will counter-sue. If Sheffield United get promoted this season then we could surely argue that they owe us money for ensuring they were relegated and then rebuilt the club on a sound basis in the Championship.

And maybe instead of giving Warnock £500k we could simply offer him a job for life as the club chiropodist where he'd spend the rest of his career cutting Deano's toenails.

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