Tuesday, March 17

Statement on Sheffield United settlement

After the out-of-court settlement between West Ham United and Sheffield United Pete May has agreed that it is time to move on and bring the matter to an end.

Mr May said: "For everyone concerned, the time is right to draw a line under this whole episode. West Ham have had very positive discussions over a number of days with Sheffield United and acknowledge their willingness to resolve this in the best interests of both clubs, even if they are a bunch of money wasting litigious ambulance-chasers.

"This now allows me to concentrate on my immediate ambitions, which include seeing West Ham field 11 fit players and finishing above Spurs, without any negative impact on the long-term WHU project of total world domination. I wish Sheffield United well in their bid to secure promotion from the Championship and certainly no huge injury lists, outrageous last-minute own-goal defeats or ghost goals awarded against them by Mr Attwell.

“Throughout the finalisation of the terms for the agreement, the discussions were friendly, co-operative and in the best of spirit with both the Blades and Hammers advisory teams although it might be best if they avoid Ken’s CafĂ© for a bit.

"West Ham and Sheffield United are two clubs with a fantastic footballing history who now want to move on and focus on the business of playing football - hopefully for Sheffield United in the Blue Square Premier in a few years time. We look forward to a positive ongoing relationship with Sheffield United at all levels and hope they enjoy their thirty pieces of silver."

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kokorako said...

One thing's for sure Mr May likes to have the last word. Not that I'd know... lol