Saturday, December 6

Happiness of Herita in West Ham

Herita Illunga has not said that West ham is a second rate club, he said "second tier" but his French was mistranslated, so we still love him.
As his splendid blog (, apparently written by his missus, put it:

"Is it possible to doubt of Herita happiness in West Ham…"

"The interview of Herita for (French website) aroused strong passions !!!!! Herita received a lot of reactions from fans. Two of them took the article in the wrong way."

"It seems that there is a little confusion between what is written and what should be understood. If you go through the article you will understand that Herita is really happy to be in West Ham and that he WISH TO SIGN HERE as a permanent. As he also said in the interview West Ham is a big club with real history, fans and values. And that is what he repeats constantly since he arrived in this fantastic club."

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Matt said...

Journalists, just can't trust them