Wednesday, August 27

Club statement on Pete May

West Ham United CEO Scott Duxbury said: "West Ham United have absolutely no intention of selling Pete May. He is under contract and is committed to the club. Pete remains a very important part of our plans for the future.

"The club is being run on sound football and business principles in order to develop a fan base which can deliver bucketfuls of cash this season. No supporter would be bought or sold unless that helped to achieve that aim.

"We are not interested in selling fans who are committed to the club and essential to telling our first-team squad to really pep it up and make it mediocre.

"If a fan refuses to buy a season ticket or is a part-timer not crucial to the manager's plans then we will look at offers on a case by case basis and flog them to Chelsea. It is the only sensible way to build for the future.

"We have invested in fans this summer identified by the manager who add to the quality of the fan base by dining at Ken’s CafĂ© and drinking iffy lager in the Central after matches and we will continue to do so as and when appropriate."


Tutor GN said...

Not even Moyes will bid?

matt said...

If part-time fans are to be shipped off to clubs that ain't got no history, does this leave a question mark hanging over Nigel, who is poised to continue his proud record of missing 100% of the games WHU have played against Macclesfield in all of history?

Pete May said...

Where was Nigel when Moncur got sent off, eh?