Thursday, August 28

Carlton capers

West Ham 4 Macclesfield 1 (after extra time)

Missed the game against Macclesfield as I was taking my sister to Heathrow where she was flying back to Australia. Still, sitting around the departure lounge was a bit like being at West Ham, thousands of people wanting to be transported to somewhere more exotic and lots of excess baggage. Although as my pal Mystic Matt says, “WHU quite unlike Heathrow, as one is a place where things go missing for months at a time, sometimes permanently, and the other is an airport.”

As I glanced at the Standard’s back page (“Hammers morale at all-time low”) a text message arrived saying that Bowyer had equalised late on: “Great night for plucky WHU as they hold mighty Macc”. At least we held on to win in extra time and nice to see Hines and Reid score.

As for booing Curbs, it’s pathetic. He’s made some iffy signings, but it’s the owners who sanctioned daft wages and pay-offs and Ferdinand’s sale and generally don’t know what they’re doing. Barracking Pards didn't help the side and neither will this.

Let’s forget hating Ince, as it will just allow the media to portray West Ham fans as racists booing the Premiership’s first black manager, and concentrate on providing some proper support for the team on Saturday. Irons!

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Matt said...

It should be said Macclesfield were well worth their lead, playing good passing football, and none of the longball Bolton-style rubbish that works so well against us. They had several other first half chances, and the gaps in the stands were at times matched only by the gaps in our defence. Once Behrami went off with what looked like a serious mascara injury, it felt very much like another Wrexham/Oldham/Torquay etc....Some in the crowd, although not me, told Curbs he would be sacked in the morning, there were chants of "sack the board" and Fraser even revived that old favourite "Brown out". Even after Bowyer equalised we were unconvincing until their impressive right back was harshly sent off. Still, Curbs should get some credit for his attack-minded substitutions, all of which came off, and Reid certainly added some impetus. Faubert was our best attacker even when playing right back, but my man of the match was the chef at Ken's for the fastest beans and chips ever.