Thursday, April 9

Moyes and Brady do the right thing

This is going to be a difficult time for all football clubs with no match revenue, no live TV payments and players on massive wages. Perhaps more so for the Hammers, who have spent a lot on players in the last two seasons. So it's good to see that David Moyes has agreed to take a voluntary pay cut of 30 per cut during lockdown and Karren Brady has tweeted that she is doing likewise. Another encouraging sign is that Mark Noble is one of the players administering the fund through which players plan to make voluntary donations to the NHS. 

Meanwhile the Guardian reports that the club is having a £30m rights issue to cover revenue shortcomings, which is "an invitation to existing shareholders to buy additional shares". Shares could then be offered elsewhere, which might perhaps be an opportunity for a potential new owner to get a stake in the club. It would be interesting to hear what financial/football journalists like David Conn have to say about this. The other positive news is that none of our players have as yet been caught in a "lockdown sex party" like Kyle Walker or illicitly training in the park like Jose Mourinho at Spurs.

While in the latest development the whole squad has agreed to take a reduction in wages and David Sullivan and David Gold have agreed to waive the interest on their loans. After all the ructions of the season so far it's good to see the club pulling together.

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